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So you think clean energy isn’t cool??

Check out this cool breeze………..


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What’s Green with envy??

Sounds strange to me.  I don’t know what all your human expressions mean!!

Here’s what I think would be better…..

Time to take it Global

Let’s all be Green….with Pride!!!!

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You know what makes me mad????

Thanks for asking!!

Time to take it Global

People who say “Gee, we really need to clean up

(pick one)

a. Our air

b. Our water

c. Our land

d. Any of the above

And then they don’t do anything about it!!!!

Come on!!!  If you can identify a problem, you can

do something about it. Or you can blog me, and I’ll tell you what to do.

Come on!!  Take some initiative.  Start a Greenitiative!!!  Get it??

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Hello World.

Time to take it Global

I have been here for quite some time, but this is my first Blog.

When I figure out what I’m doing (about blogging) there will be lots more.
Speaking of what I am doing, I am here to help you keep this planet clean and green.
And if we can work together, we might even have a little fun doing it.
More later,
George Global

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